No More Paper Towels!

I honestly felt like it wasn’t possible for my house to go paper towel-less. We used so many throughout the day; while cooking, for napkins, clean-up and so on. I like to be conscious of the environment and make helpful green choices in my life, but was stuck on how this could work. When money got extremely tight, we needed to get creative. Making this change would be much easier on our budget.Read More »


My Sweaty Pregnant Crotch

I’m so excited to be pregnant, expecting our second little boy. We were all convinced this one would be a girl because the pregnancy has been completely different from the first. If throwing up for 15+ weeks wasn’t enough, I have another major issue that keeps me home as much as possible. My inner thighs, you know, my entire crotch… gets so freakin’ sweaty!Read More »


Waving hello or goodbye is one of the very first thing we teach our babies.

What’s the baby doing these days?

Oh! He’s waving! It’s adorable!

As adults we know it’s something that makes us smile. We may wave to someone in the distance that we know or are expected to meet, or perhaps a quick last goodbye wave when pulling out of Granny’s driveway.

But there is a very important time to wave, that I’ve noticed many have forgotten about… the “thank you, stranger” wave!Read More »