Waving hello or goodbye is one of the very first thing we teach our babies.

What’s the baby doing these days?

Oh! He’s waving! It’s adorable!

As adults we know it’s something that makes us smile. We may wave to someone in the distance that we know or are expected to meet, or perhaps a quick last goodbye wave when pulling out of Granny’s driveway.

But there is a very important time to wave, that I’ve noticed many have forgotten about… the “thank you, stranger” wave!

Thank you, stranger wave: The act of thanking a kind individual for letting you merge in front of them while driving, or for stopping to let you cross the road; A long distance thank you, when verbally saying thanks cannot be properly delivered.

I’m that person who lets you merge in front, lets you back out of your parking spot (usually because you failed to see me), waves to the drivers who let me cross the road. And I’m the person that expects the same from you.

Waving, is a very basic act of kindness that we all have time for. I realize that many of us are overbooked, stressed out, and tire. But I’m sure that we all know that warm happy feeling we get when smiling. So why not remember to wave to our fellow beings. Spread some cheer, give thanks for the simple things.


Look how happy these people are!

Thank you!


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