My Sweaty Pregnant Crotch

I’m so excited to be pregnant, expecting our second little boy. We were all convinced this one would be a girl because the pregnancy has been completely different from the first. If throwing up for 15+ weeks wasn’t enough, I have another major issue that keeps me home as much as possible. My inner thighs, you know, my entire crotch… gets so freakin’ sweaty!

Never in my life has this been an issue, but it’s an obvious one now…

This is after a walk around town, pushing a stroller, chatting away with a friend, and looking like I peed my pants. I don’t even know what the back looks like! How many cars passed me and thought I decided to take on my toddlers potty habits?!

My solutions for the problem?

1- wearing dark pants or shorts when I leave the house
2- minimizing my time away from home
3- packing an extra pair of underwear in my diaper bag, just in case
4- using the bathroom more than usual to try to dry out
5- standing with my legs apart

I’m days short of using ice packs to cool down the fiery unspoken pregnancy symptom…


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