No More Paper Towels!

I honestly felt like it wasn’t possible for my house to go paper towel-less. We used so many throughout the day; while cooking, for napkins, clean-up and so on. I like to be conscious of the environment and make helpful green choices in my life, but was stuck on how this could work. When money got extremely tight, we needed to get creative. Making this change would be much easier on our budget.

Thankfully, my husband was on board to try using cloths to completely replace paper towels. We set out to our local Christmas Tree Shop, where I’ve purchased inexpensive useful towels in the past. I purchased 40 all white towels- spending the equivalent of one large value pack of paper towels.

We’ve been using these towels for 4 months now, and it’s working out better than we both could imagine! Originally, we thought we would need paper for things like drying off fish, cleaning windows, cleaning bathrooms, etc. However, we use them for everything! (using a squeegee for the windows… eventually)

The hardest part, is when we host a dinner party because our guests seem to have a difficult time adjusting. It’s actually humorous to witness the reactions outside our guests comfort zone. But, I have found that all I need to do is make sure all cloths are washed and ready for use before they come over. I’ll also need to make more cloth dinner napkins, as a dozen isn’t enough to keep up with.

Plus, look at this pretty towel holder accessorizing our countertop!


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