Preparing to Cloth Diaper: One

I’m expecting baby #3… boy #3, in fact. There are many topics/preparation for this baby that involve knowing this is for sure my last baby, and wanting to “get things right.” I don’t think I got things wrong with my first 2, it’s just that – like most – I had these ideas of how things would go down, that realistically didn’t pan out. My biggest things are: having a unmedicated birth (more on that later), and using cloth diapers.

Kid 1: My husband was very firm about not wanting to use cloth diapers. I pick my battles, and between his firm stance against it, and the option to have a diaper well at my shower (which lasted us a good 6-7 months in diapers!)… I didn’t even bother.

Kid 2: My husband was still very firmly against it. We had just moved into a new home that needed updating (we do updating diy style), when I found out I was pregnant. I also lost my job just before finding out about our little bun in the oven. Quite possibly a perfect time to invest in cloth, having the long-term savings in mind… but it wasn’t. We had so many balls in the air between trying to find a job while pregnant, finish up our house projects (there were so many!), and prepare for baby while raising kid 1. It was survival mode. Thankfully, my Mom offered to help with diapers which has been so incredibly helpful.

I did attempt cloth diapering with kid 2 when he was about 1-year-old. It lasted a week… he had very loose stool due to his dairy issues, and I just didn’t have a good system in place for laundry in general at that point. Husband was still not on board, and I just didn’t expect him to change any diapers that were cloth. I was doing most of them anyway.

This brings us to kid 3… he’s due in about 2-3 months and I hope that if I start him off with cloth, it will be easier to stick with it. It’s possible that I’m out of my mind because I will have a newbie, a toddler and a preschooler all home for the summer. If kid 3 is anything like kid 2 – it will be a shit show… I am hoping he is as chill as kid 1 was as a baby.

I want to be prepared… I have developed a laundry system that works pretty good. I’m not good about scheduled tasks, so as long as I set a goal of 2-3 loads a day, we are in good shape and I don’t get overwhelmed. With that in place, I hope it will be easier to add the diaper load (ha…load) into the mix.

Money is still tight since I have no evolved into the work-from-home-Mom with limited hours due to some health challenges in the family. I decided to hunt down some used newborn and small gdiapers. I found 10 newborns for $20 and 5 smalls for $10…score! They are all in great shape too.

One of my fails with diapering kid 2 was that I used those regular babies-r-us (BRU) cloth diaper trifolds, and I think they were too big for my chunky leg boy. I wanted to invest in the gdiaper branded cloth inserts this time. My luck strikes again, as each time I visit BRU they are on clearance for about 50% off. So far, I have 12 newborn/small size to get me started.

Knowing that nothing is likely to be easy in the beginning, this week I picked up a 4 pack of gdiaper newborn/small disposable inserts. The cost is comparable to regular disposable diapers – and to me it’s worth it because of the impact disposables have on the environment.

Now for practice… Kid 2 fits a little better – but not so much – in the large I originally tried for with him. He’s lost his chunky baby legs (waaahh). Today I tried one with a gdiaper insert (it’s for size newbie/small, really), and it went well! He was a bit bothered by the rubbing of the strap (too small). He had a poop and pee and the insert did a great job at absorbing the pee (better than the trifolds for sure). The poop was easy to clean off in the slop sink in the laundry room.

My next steps….

  • I need hand soap next to the slop sink
  • I need a wet bag, because I won’t be able to rise after each diaper
  • I confirmed I do want to try doing cloth wipes because it will be easier to throw in the wet bag with the dirty diapers. I don’t think I will give up the disposable wipes just yet because they kind of serve 100 purposes for us right now
  • I need a basket or something to store the diapers at our changing stations (there are 2 set up – one up, one down)

Well, thanks for reading my ramble on rose (GD reference). I don’t know exactly what my intentions are with blogging, but to keep my thoughts accessible to myself and maybe share a bit of my world with you. Everything I do anymore is slow and steady so I don’t get overwhelmed, perhaps if it goes well I’ll begin to add images and get paid for stuff. Somehow… I don’t know how getting paid to blog is done yet.

Have a happy day.

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