DIY Natural Laundry Detergent

I’m always trying to figure out a way to spend less money. My paycheck goes towards food and household needs for my family of 4 (almost 5). I balance mothering and work along with trying to keep up with family, friends and volunteer work. I often feel I’m neglecting something or someone, so I try to figure out ways to balance it all.

It never crossed my mind that making my own laundry detergent would be a time/money saver – let alone clean our clothes as well as the commercial brands. But, guess what? It’s all these things – time saver, money saver, better clean!

Two things led me to this fantastic discovery:

1: My MightyFix (love MightyFix!) this month is dryer balls! I’ve been a subscriber to MightyFix for close to a year, and I have been wishing for these dryer balls. It finally happened! I like having a fresh scent to go along with my clean laundry, so I ventured into essential oils that you can drop on your balls (tee-hee), before your dry cycle.

My toddler and I ventured out to WholeFoods and picked up lavender and tea tree oils.

  • Lavendar: for my laundry, it’s said to have a calming effect. With 2, almost 3 boys to raise… I welcome all calming ingredients.
  • Tea Tree: Because I heard it has cleaning properties – a total impulse buy

2. Pinterest. Now that I have this bottle of tea tree oil, what do I do with it? Thank you Pinterest for making it incredibly easy for this visual learner to find and save information. I searched tea tree oil, essential oils, and dryer balls. I stumbled upon pins about DIY laundry detergents. (insert curiosity)

I read through a couple posts – some sort of complicated, or maybe too wordy and hard to follow. Then I found the one… by

I pinned it twice by accident, so I knew it was the one. I did the math and realized I would probably need 2 batches per year @ $20 each batch?! That would end up saving me around $200 a year! It takes 13 minutes to make? Game on!

The longest process was shopping for the ingredients, because I wanted to price it all out. I had a gift certificate for, but they tend to be pricey (only really reward new customers). I found everything within what priced out between and For some reason Target had baking soda at 1/2 the price Walmart listed.

Once I had all the ingredients, I was ready to rock!

My 5 year old helped me shred the soap in the food processor (which cleaned up very nicely and didn’t harm my appliance). From start to finish (opening boxes to everything cleaned up) it was 20 minutes! Done!

Ingredients, prices and directions:

  • 1 box Arm & Hammer Super Washing soda, 3lbs 7oz
    $3.97 at Walmart
  • Baking Soda, 4lbs
    2lb boxes for $1.29 each at Target
  • 4 bars of Kirk’s Original Coco Castile Soap
    2 3-packs for $3.28 each at Walmart
  • 1 container of Oxyclean Baby
    $8.18 at Walmart
  • 28oz of Epsom Salt (for softener)
    Picked this up at the grocery store, not sure the price


  1. Shred the castile soap in your food processor (shred attachment)
    1. My food processor is fairly new, I risked it and it worked fine for me. The post says to use caution, so use caution…
    2. You could use a manual cheese grater, it will add more time (still worth it I think)
  2. Grate the castile soap to a powder-like consistency (standard blade)
    1.  I did a few batches of the grated castile soap with baking soda
  3. Mix all the ingredients together
    1. I purchased a tupperware container for storage and shook it up

That’s it! So incredibly easy!

How it Works

I use 1-2 tbsp per load. Typically 2 tbsp because I always have full loads.


My entire house has a new freshness to it as well. The baking soda is said to be an odor neutralizer, and I have noticed an improved level of freshness in my whole house.

Cleans Well Too!

And it cleans really well too. My toddler rolls in dirt, and his clothes come out spotless. The whites are very white and I haven’t noticed any fading with the colors.

I’m so impressed with this. I hope you take the “risk” and try it as well.

  • Save some money
  • Go natural
    • Each ingredient has a grade A EWG rating
  • Smell great!

PS. I do feel calmer working with all these delicious lavendar cloths from the lavendar scented dryer balls. Sure bonus.

PPS. I sometimes forget about the laundry and have to do a rewash… it happens. This new detergent passes the sniff test even better than commercial brands. Less rewashing! Hooray!

Thank you for sharing this with me


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    • Hi! I don’t have a HE machine, but the source I tried this from claims it to be. There is no bubbling involved, so I would imagine it is. Wish I could give you a definitive answer!

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