Preparing for Baby #3

Here we go….our third rodeo!

We are expecting our third baby boy in about 2 months (oh my goodness!!). There are things that I have obviously learned along the way with my first two on preparing for a new baby.

With my first, there was a fair mix of getting all kinds of new things by way of registries, and the mind set that we didn’t need much because some babies are born in tents. I watched the documentary, “Babies” about 1/2 way through my pregnancy and absolutely felt that we in the US overdoes it in the baby merch category.

However… because of this blend of my mindset, having supplies – but not sure if we really needed them… our first moments coming home were a hot mess! We went from 0 to 600 in seconds. We were super calm and confident, then we opened the gate to our dogs crate and BOOM our first lessons in parenthood (outside the hospital).

I still had the changing pad in the package in case I didn’t need it. But our pup (a lovable Rottweiler who didn’t understand her strength) was WAY excited Mommy and Daddy were home and curious about what we brought home with us. I had planned to change his diaper on the couch, but she lost all control of training and jumped on the couch with me. I opened our changing pad while holding the baby and trying to keep pup on all fours. We had a bar-height kitchen table – figured it was high enough, wrong. I moved to the kitchen island, where I proceeded to change him for the next day or two. Half on the counter, half on the stove top…. oh my goodness… I made a SOS call to my Mom within the hour of our return home.

With our second, I was much better prepared – even if I made a late night trip to Babies R Us desperately seeking sleep devices. I’ll save my second son’s story for another day. Without further a-do (a-do, I don’t know if I’ve ever said that until now), here’s how I prepare for baby.

Products I Won’t Birth Without

  • Bottom Balm. My Mom gifted me a jar of this wonderful stuff at the hospital after the birth of my first son. I asked a million questions about if I could use it and only got non-answers from my medical team, as it’s not part of the standard medical regimen. I tried it after a day or two of not dealing well with the aftermath of my torn up lady parts, and OH MY GOODNESS… the best relief. EVER. I have only tried this brand, Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm. I get two containers per birth and use every bit. It’s the next best thing to the icepacks at the hospital.
  • Witch Hazel and Cotton Ovals. My hospital sends us home with a small container of tucks pads, but I came up with the combo of witch hazel and cotton ovals.  prefer this over Tucks pads only because I had trouble separating the tucks from each other. It’s easier for me to grab a cotton oval and soak it with witch hazel. I also use the witch hazel for many things after I’m all finished up with it.
  • Pads. Big, absorbent pads with wings. The longest you can find. Get the overnight kinds for the first week, and then you can get thinner options after.


  • Breast Pump Tubes. I don’t really understand why, because I never had milk (that I could see) end up in the tubing of my pump. But, it’s recommended these are replaced with each baby. I got this kit with both #2 and #3, but I may return and get just the tubing and valves. I don’t know I’ll need all the other things inside the box.
  • Nipple Shields. There is controversy over the use of nipple shields. In my experience, using a shield was the saving grace to the success of my breastfeeding story for my second boy. I hope to not need it this time, but I have some on hand in case I do.
  • Bottles. We have some bottles still, but my toddler sometimes – okay daily – still drinks from them in the morning and for nap/bed (water). I know. I know…
    I will be looking for some good glass bottles this time around because plastic freaks me out (both my parents have had cancer, I’m afraid of all possible toxic things)
  • Medela Breast Milk Soap. I used this with my second, and it was a really great soap for washing the shields (primarily), as well as all the pump supplies (flanges, bottles, valves, shields). I would soap the parts in a bowl for a few minutes, and really only need to rinse – although I still scrubbed/wiped because I wanted to make sure.
  • Nipple Balm. I haven’t found a good product to help my nipples through the first stages of nursing. I will be doing some research on this topic and will report back.
*based on plans to breastfeed. I will be boiling all the parts to sanitize.


  • Rock-N-Play. I picked up a rock-n-play after a SOS to some Mom friends when I was unable to set my second down for more than 20 seconds (no exaggeration). This thing was a life-line for us, and it’s been passed around to 3 other babies over the past 2 years. I would swaddle boy 2, turn on the vibrate on the rock-n-play, set him down and slowly remove my hands and walk about backwards. Who knows if it will work for boy 3, but I certainly have it ready to ‘rock.’
  • Swaddles. These are hit or miss, as both boy 1 and boy 2 had a difference in opinion on them. I did use the Miracle Blanket Swaddle on both at some point (mostly with boy 2, he was swaddled until 5-6 months). But I also discovered the Woombie with him for when his arms started to look a little too low at his 45 degree rock-n-play angle. I have these on hand already – for the most part. I lent them out to my friends who were having sleeping issues with their babies after I was done. One donated it during a move, and the other can’t find it. They have both offered to replace them, but I’m holding off to see what boy 3 likes before buying anything else. I have 1 of each of these, plus a plethora of muslin wraps since boy 2 requires sleeping with a minimum of 5 “blankies.”
  • Co-Sleeper. I used a co-sleeper with boy 1 seamlessly until age 4 months, and boy 2 couldn’t stand more than 20 seconds in it (again, zero exaggeration). I ended up using it as a changing table for downstairs until he grew out of it. I also lent this to a friend, and am hoping to get it back soon! So this item is hit or miss, for me I feel better having it set up right away. It was nice to have boy 1 sleeping right next to me for multiple reasons. Boy 2 and I spent the first 2 months downstairs on the couch together. I’m not at all against the successes many have with bed sharing, I just don’t sleep when baby is with us and have weird wakes where the blankets have a pulse. It’s very strange and panicky for me, so I skip that trick.


  • Cloth. In hopes to pull off cloth diaper, I picked up 10 newborn and 5 small gdiapers second hand. I found 2 6-packs of newborn/small cloth inserts on sale, and picked up newborn/small disposable inserts with my last boy 2 diaper run. More on my cloth diapering preparation here. I hope I can pull it off, I have wanted to use cloth for both boys 1 and 2, but without success. This is my final shot to accomplish this dream.
  • Regular Diapers. Of course, I will be picking up some regular diapers to have on hand. And since Daddy refuses to use cloth, I won’t make him when he’s willing to help. So I’ll get some “Daddy diapers” and maybe “Mommy diapers” if I can’t pull this off.
  • Wipes. I already have a crazy stock of wipes on hand. We use them for just about everything. I would like to use cloth wipes with the cloth diapers, because I think it will be easier than separating the disposable wipes from the  dirty cloth diaper that I plan to toss in a wet bag. We’ll see… after all, I will have a 5.5, 2.5 and newborn home together without a break as soon as the newborn comes home. Yikes!
  • Changing Station. We have a 2 story home, and during the day we are barely upstairs where all the bedrooms are. It’s more practical for me to set up a changing area downstairs, and near the backyard since it’s expected that me and all 3 boys will be spending most of our summer in the yard. We have a buffet table that works perfectly as a changing table. We ended up using this for boy 1, after the stovetop situation. I relocated a toy chest in our TV room, and replaced it with this lovely changing station. It’s been wonderful to have for my toddler so far. I will be picking up some baskets to store clothes/diapers on the shelf below.

Although there seems to be less this time around, it still does take some planning ahead. I’m sure there are things missing from this list that I will think of along the way. I’ve set up little feeding stations around the house; like a chair in the laundry/play area, etc. There is a place to plop down and feed in every room of the house. We’ve even gone as far as getting a more private fence for the yard. This snowballs from our neighbors fence around her pool being rotted and falling apart – not safe for my kids!

It’s still hard for believe we will have 3 strapping boys at our feet in just 2 months! Oh my goodness!



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