The Final Days of Pregnancy

Dearest Baby,

There are 2 days before we reach our long awaited due date. Do you feel the changes that have teased me during the last few weeks? What’s it like for you when Mommy’s belly becomes very tight? Can you feel my deep breathes as this tightness comes and goes? Do you see light as the barrier between you and the outside begins to loosen and wash away? If so, follow that freakin’ light!

You see, Mommy is ready for you to be in her arms instead of in her belly. While it’s been truly amazing to grow you, it’s also been very difficult—especially these final weeks.

Seven weeks ago, Mommy made the realization that she could no longer keep up with your brothers and the house. This is why there are many weeds outside, laundry takes about 3-4 more days than usual, and why Daddy has been cooking dinner. It’s also why you hear the Paw Patrol theme song way more than one should.

While Mommy thought slowing down would help, she didn’t expect that each step of the way would present challenge after challenge. I’ll list them:

1. The downstairs toilet was leaking, when Daddy went to fix it we discovered mold. It was 4 weeks before we could use the bathroom again… it’s pretty now, but climbing all those stairs countless times a day to use the bathroom were really tough on Mommy’s body.

2. My pelvic bones dislocated! It’s no surprise, it happened with your brothers too. But this time it was in 2 different places at once. Mommy couldn’t walk, she tried, she got crutches to help get around—your brothers still need things, you know. When you meet Granny, you will know immediately her love. But let me tell you first, she helped Mommy by taking good care of your brothers, so Mommy could heal. She is the best!

3. Heartburn. When Mommy tries to sleep, acid reflux shots up into her mouth while burning her throat and chest. It’s not pleasant, that’s why the tums by the bed.

4. Sleeping. It doesn’t happen much. In fact, I sort of dread bedtime now. We’re averaging about 40–60 minute intervals now.

Last week, when I had the 102 fever… we slept A LOT! That was a silver-lining, but I’m better now—and I’m a bit sore from laying down so much. But also can’t stand too long because of the pelvis, and then can’t sit too long because my tail bone is very sore.

It’s time, my child. I would like the puking to stop… 33 weeks of throwing up is enough. Mommy has a hard time bending enough to prevent splash-back, while avoiding peeing her pants because your cute little head presses on her bladder.

You are the final baby for Mommy to grow, and she ready to say good-bye to all these not-at-all-glowing pregnancy moments. I’ve carefully soaked in the good things, like your kicks and hiccups. And that time you were startled by the sound of my can of seltzer opening. And when you kicked me so high, my boob moved. So it’s time…

I promise we will come up with a perfect name for you—we just need to see your handsome face.

I love you.




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