From g to Bee (Diapers)

We are in our 7th month of cloth diapering! Woo! This is my 3rd baby, and I’ve finally pulled off cloth diapering. Here’s my journey so far…

I prefer it. We still use disposables if he has a rash (because I haven’t figured out the right cream yet), and for nights—which we are transitioning from, starting tonight actually.

I started off using gdiapers (read about that here). They were great. I purchased them used off of a buy/sell/trade Facebook page; newborn, small, medium and large. I wasn’t hard on myself to only use the g’s. I used disposables too in the beginning.

Once we got to the large gdiapers, we started having leaks with every pee. Upper right hip, always. Maybe because they were used. Perhaps overused? Too big? I began to doubt cloth.

Low and behold, the Little Bee Company has a sale! I’ve had my eye on these diapers. They are SUPER cute, and then… wait for it…. for every diaper you purchase, they donate one to a child in need. I’ve been sort of drooling over these diapers, but our budget didn’t allow the switch. Then, the sale!

I purchased 14 Ultra Pocket Bee’s to start. Little Bee’s recommend 18-24 for our age range. I figured I would try these out, if I loved them, get the rest.

I got so excited when they came, and then they looked like this!

I actually clapped with excitement when I opened this!

Do I love them? Short answer: YES!!!

Long answer… The Bee’s are insanely absorbent! Sometimes I have to double check he’s actually peed. However, the first couple of poops were blow outs on his right leg.

I was disappointed at first. BUT, I didn’t give up. There are many snaps (really good snaps) to adjust to your baby’s size. I tried different variations, and found my baby’s fit. Once I found his fit—everything has been contained! Pees and poops stay where they need to stay and they are super cute! Even my 3-year-old wanted to wear them!

I finished off our stash by ordering 7 more Ultra Bee’s. We have a total of 21, which seems to be a perfect number for us at 6/7 months. I wash them every 3rd day (two full days in the pail).

They are seriously lovely. I recommend you try the Little Bee Company cloth diapers. The quality is undeniable.


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