From g to Bee (Diapers)

We are in our 7th month of cloth diapering! Woo! This is my 3rd baby, and I’ve finally pulled off cloth diapering. Here’s my journey so far…Read More »


Preparing to Cloth Diaper: One

I’m expecting baby #3… boy #3, in fact. There are many topics/preparation for this baby that involve knowing this is for sure my last baby, and wanting to “get things right.” I don’t think I got things wrong with my first 2, it’s just that – like most – I had these ideas of how things would go down, that realistically didn’t pan out. My biggest things are: having a unmedicated birth (more on that later), and using cloth diapers.Read More »

No More Paper Towels!

I honestly felt like it wasn’t possible for my house to go paper towel-less. We used so many throughout the day; while cooking, for napkins, clean-up and so on. I like to be conscious of the environment and make helpful green choices in my life, but was stuck on how this could work. When money got extremely tight, we needed to get creative. Making this change would be much easier on our budget.Read More »