From g to Bee (Diapers)

We are in our 7th month of cloth diapering! Woo! This is my 3rd baby, and I’ve finally pulled off cloth diapering. Here’s my journey so far…Read More »


How I became a WFHM

I am so incredibly blessed to have carved out this little life of mine as a work-from-home-Mom (WFHM). It’s been my dream to be a Mom since the beginning of my time, and the opportunity to stay home hasn’t always been true.

Before my husband and I were married, we had the necessary discussions about our future family. He felt that if I were to stay home with the kids, then he would be working long hours and possible multiple jobs and miss out on our kids’ lives. While I didn’t want to agree, I do remember my Dad working long hours of multiple jobs and missing out on some holidays. I realized then that I would become a Mom, but I would have to work. That’s fine, the most important thing is that I become a Mom.Read More »

Preparing to Cloth Diaper: One

I’m expecting baby #3… boy #3, in fact. There are many topics/preparation for this baby that involve knowing this is for sure my last baby, and wanting to “get things right.” I don’t think I got things wrong with my first 2, it’s just that – like most – I had these ideas of how things would go down, that realistically didn’t pan out. My biggest things are: having a unmedicated birth (more on that later), and using cloth diapers.Read More »

It’s NOT a Green Thumb

How about that moment when your thumb falls overboard and gets a dip in your old food? I’m not talking about opening a dated melted chocolate bar and getting a lick of delicious cocoa, but that unfortunate touch of your own poo skid on your thumb.

It feels like it takes a million extra wipes after your thumb gets inked, due to the anxious panic to wash that shit off. And after your initial mission is complete… insert new dilemma:

Can I pull my pants up without using my thumb, or do I need to shimmy to the sink for the scrub of the century?Read More »